Creating Green Growth

We create high value added products from local organic raw materials from the Nordics using modern and sustainable production technologies. Our organic raw materials are the core for producing the most bioactive biostimulants for the needs of sustainable agriculture, horticulture and turf.

Our story

Neova is a Finnish company with global presence, focusing on satisfying people`s essential needs for clean food, air and water. Our business is divided into two divisions, Kekkilä-BVB and Neova Terra in which we can find biostimulants, animal feed, substrates, activated carbon, solar and wind energy, among others.

Since over 80 years peat has been the core of Neova`s history. 2/3 of the Finnish area is peatlands. Based on decades of experience in investigating peat qualities and utilizing peat in high quality professional substrates and growing media products, it is a natural step to bring the benefit of our valuable raw material to a wider audience as biostimulants.

In addition to peat-based products, we investigate and develop other organic raw materials, botanical extracts and microbials, found in the harsh Nordic environment. Neova`s biostimulants are produced following the world`s strictest environmental regulation related to peatlands and raw material production, to bring the best of Finnish nature to your fields and substrates.

Connecting growers needs with Growledge.

Growledge bridges the gap between farmers needs and technological solutions we developed in Neova, the process is resting on solid pillars which are the foundations of each new product or prototype.


Our Products

NeoCoreTM is a powerful biostimulant produced from pure and carefully selected organic peat. NeoCoreTM naturally contains a combination of bioactive compounds showing a very high hormone-like-activity improving root development, plant establishment and soil health.

During a 4-years testing period, more than 60 growth trials in different countries using scientifically valid experimental setups and different plant species have been conducted with NeoCoreTM, validating laboratory research results.

Metabolic study made in Padova University showed that NeoCoreTM increases phosphorous availability. Gene expression results supported the metabolic study findings. Hormone-like activity studies have shown high auxin, cytokinin and gibberellic acid activity. The product has a prebiotic effect helping the microbes establishment in soil.

NeoCoreTM is a user-friendly product suitable for organic farming.


Neova’s biostimulants are  produced from Nordic organic raw materials, following the world’s strictest environmental regulation related to peatlands and raw material production. Get to know Neova’s sustainability strategy

Our values guide our daily work.

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Customer is always in the core of our strategy and daily work. Only together with our customers and partners we can thrive.

Achieving together

We cherish working together not only across our own organization but with our partners and customers alike to reach the higher goal of Creating Green Growth.

Courage to renew

The global mega trends set us all in front of new challenges. We want to be prepared and be part of the solutions for a better future.

Trust through respect

We want to be the a trusted partner in growth for our customers, stakeholders and employees. That is always visible in the way we behave and communicate.

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